Multimodality Illustrated: A Showcase of Graduate School Coursework
This project illustrates the spatial mode of multimodality. It is a YouTube video and was created using Prezi, Audacity, and OBS Studio. See video description for more information. 
This project illustrates the aural mode of multimodality. It is a podcast episode arc entitled: "Video Game Ethics: Beyond the Ratings." It was created with Audacity, Anchor, and Spotify. See the episode description for more information.
This project illustrates the visual mode of multimodality. It is entitled: "Mental Health: Should It Be Our #1 Beauty Regime?" It was created using Canva.
This project illustrates the gestural mode of multimodality. It is a YouTube video entitled, "The Great Emoji Debacle: Millennials VS Gen Z." It was created using Microsoft Sway, Audacity, and OBS Studio. See the video description for more information. 
This project illustrates the linguistic mode of multimodality. It is an academic synthesis essay. Click here to read this piece.
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